Fourth of July Wreath!  Star Spangled and Super Easy!

Fourth of July Wreath! Star Spangled and Super Easy!

Fourth of July WreathWant a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to show off your patriotic spirit?  Well, I’ve got just the craft and you may just have everything you need at home already! This Fourth of July wreath is simple and fun!  I love how it looks against my black door!

Ok, let’s get started

All you need is:

-A pool noodle

-Duck tape

-Blue, Red, and White yarn

-Hot glue gun

-White foam star stickers

First, connect the ends of your pool noodle with duck tape to form a circle.  This is one of the easiest and cheapest wreath forms you will find!  I have done this several times to make wreaths so stock up on pool noodles from the Dollar Tree before they are gone for the season.

Next, knot one end of the blue yarn to the noodle, making sure the knot is in the back.  Wrap the blue yarn around the noodle in single layer rows, covering about a fourth of the wreath.  When you think you have enough of the wreath covered slide the end of the yarn through one of rows in the back and knot it to it.  You could also just use the hot glue gun to hold the end of the yarn in place in the back.

Then,  using the red yarn, cover the wreath in single layer rows but only covering about 3-4 inches.  It is personal preference how big you want each section to be.  Just eyeball it and do what looks good to you.  Next, knot it in the back or secure with a glue gun.

Do the same thing with the white yarn, alternating between red and white sections until the wreath is covered.

After the wreath is covered with yarn hot glue white foam stickers to the blue section of the wreath.  You can use all small stickers, all large stickers, or a combination.  After trying a few things, I decided that I liked the combination of large and small stickers best.  Again, do what appeals to your style!

And that is it!  This is one of the easiest and quickest wreaths I’ve made but also one of the ones I like most!  Hope you enjoy making one too!

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