Bounty with Dawn Review

Bounty with Dawn Review

Bounty with Dawn ReviewWhen I first saw the ads for Bounty with Dawn I have to admit, I was intrigued. Then, I saw the price and wasn’t so intrigued anymore. They are twice as expensive as a regular roll of paper towels. I mean it’s just a paper towel with dish soap on it, right? I can easily grab a paper towel and add dish soap myself! Well, then, when I was clipping coupons for my mperks account at Meijer I came across a %50 off coupon for Bounty with Dawn and decided to give it a try. I’ve got to say, I really like them! Now, I was reading some Bounty with Dawn reviews from other consumers and want to address some of the complaints I read. First, some complained that they couldn’t use them to drain greasy food or really come in contact with food at all but these paper towels are for cleaning! P&G states on their website that they still recommend regular Bounty towels for everyday use and a little common sense goes a long way! I mean come on, of course your bacon will get all soapy if you try to soak up the grease with these paper towels! Another reviewer was irritated that P&G is suggesting consumers now need 2 different paper towels in the kitchen. That doesn’t bother me though. Just keep them under your sink, out of the way until you need one. Or, get rid of the 4 coffee machines, panini maker, quesadilla griller, and soda machine you have taking up all the room on your counters! I even installed a separate paper towel holder for the Dawn paper towels above my sink because I plan on making them a staple in my kitchen cleaning.

bounty with dawnAnother reviewer complained of a strong obnoxious smell coming from the paper towels. All I can say about that is that I have not experienced such a smell. I can smell the Dawn but is is not overwhelming or obnoxious.  I was also surprised to read several reviewers complain that they “accidentally” bought Bounty with Dawn and unknowingly used them, ruining food and/or other items.  I find that hard to believe but all I can say about that is PAY ATTENTION!  Seriously, the packaging is different and the product costs twice as much as regular paper towels so, as a consumer, they were not paying attention when they grabbed the item off the shelf, when it was rang up at the register, or when they went to grab an obviously much thicker and stiffer towel off the roll.  That’s user error, not P&G’s problem!  Anyway-moving on! Now, for the real business part of things, does Bounty with Dawn do what it claims? I think it does.  One of the first things I noticed about the paper towels is that they are white with blue markings, which is the dawn.  This should make it pretty easy to differentiate them from your other paper towels.  Just make sure you let others in your house know there’s a difference as my mom was visiting and grabbed one to wipe yogurt off my 3 year olds mouth. Luckily, I was right there to divert a disaster or I really would have been cleaning my daughter’s mouth out with soap!  That is another reason I added the paper towel holder above the sink away from my other paper towels.  Something else I noticed right away about Bounty with Dawn is that they are a lot stiffer and thicker than regular paper towels.  When I “activated” one with water I was surprised at how much soap appeared to be in one.  That is great for washing dishes.  I despise bacteria harbouring sponges but also hate washing tough greasy dishes with “normal” mess dishes because it makes my dish cloth all greasy and dirty.  I like being able to use a Bounty with Dawn on the really yucky messes and throwing it away when finished.  The paper towel worked well on my dishes, even the really messy pots and pans.  I was pleasantly surprised how thick it was and how well it held up in the water for my few really messy dishes.  However, it didn’t hold up that great when I had to do a whole sink full of dishes by hand.  My washing machine recently bit the dust and I had a no washer for a week so I was doing everything in my power not to make dirty laundry which meant no dish cloths.  When cleaning a lot of dishes the paper towel began to thin and fall apart leading me to need 2 or 3 to fully wash all my dishes.  However, it held up just fine when doing a “quick clean” of dishes before loading in the dishwasher.  I also imagine that these would be great for camping/RVing.  We haven’t taken them camping yet but I will definetly try them out next time we go.  I did, however, use them to clean off patio furniture that had recently been pulled from storage for the season and they worked like a charm.  I was easily able to wash down tables and chairs and then a quick rinse with the hose and it was ready to enjoy for summer. In addition, I used it to clean out our cooler after a party and it made for quick and easy cleanup!  Ok, so I said that Bounty with Dawn has a lot of soap power which is great for my dishes and large messes.  Well, it isn’t so great for minor messes.  I used one to wipe down my kids little Ikea table and chairs and there was so much soap on the thing that I took it outside and squirted it down with the hose because it was easier than trying to rinse it in the house.  The same thing applied for the kitchen counter.  There was too much soap and it took me awhile to rinse it all off.  I suppose that this problem could be addressed by rinsing the wringing the paper towel off before using but then it kinda defeats the purpose of the product doesn’t it?  Overall, though, I have to say that I like the towels.  While they are definelty not meant to repalce everyday paper towels, they do have a use and will become a part of my cleaning regimen.  I will just make sure to buy when on sale and combine with coupons because I don’t think they are worth paying double for.

It’s a messy job but someone’s gotta do it, might as well be Bounty with Dawn!

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  1. Let me start off by saying this was a really helpful post. It really helped me as a consumer to be better informed on the latest product. Who knew they put soap in paper towels? I will be sure to pick some up when I had a coupon. Thank You.

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