Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps for only $1.82

Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps for only $1.82

Bath and Body Works Hand SoapsAnyone who knows me knows that there are few things I love better than a great deal!  I make it my mommy mission to find ways to save money without always sacrificing quality.  Another thing I love is Bath and Body Works hand soaps.  They come in so many amazing scents to match any mood or season and leave your hands feeling soft, clean, and smelling great.  Plus, my kids love them too!  They get so excited to see what amazing fragrance I’m going to pull out next!  A product that can get my kids excited about washing their hands is a winner in my book!! However, as much as I love the product, I can’t justify spending $6.50 on a bottle of soap.  So, when I discovered that I could get that cost down to under $2 a bottle, I just had to share!  Bath and Body Works has some really great sales several times a year so I suggest never paying full price for anything there.  Plus, if you sign up for their emails you will be sent some great coupons as well.  The key is to be patient and then stock up!  Right now Bath and Body Works is offering hand soaps for $3 a piece.  I recently received an email coupon for $20 off $50 or $10 off $30. So:

17 soaps=$51-$20 coupon=$31.  That makes each soap $1.82!

Even with the other coupon it’s still a great deal:

10 soaps=$30-$10 coupon=$20.  That makes each soap $2!

Now, you might think that buying 17 hand soaps at one time is crazy but believe me, with three kids under the age of 5, soap is a hot commodity in our house!

Now, go sign up for Bath and Body Works emails an get your family some clean and good smelling hands!

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